The easiest way to share digital content.

Within seconds create and share a custom content collection.

Create a collection from anything in the cloud.

No programming or designing. No downloads. Just copy and paste links of Web pages, social posts, videos, images & documents. Then share it all from your own content page.

Automate the exchange of your most interesting content with contacts & customers.

Instantly share the stuff that matters most. Give customers immediate access to your website, social sites, coupons, surveys or polls, sweepstakes entrees, brochures, videos or downloads. All of it in one place. 

Automate Sharing

Use an automated text message or an email to distribute your curated content.

Capture New Contacts

No more signup sheets or business cards in a fishbowl. No more data entry. Capture contact info with your phone, tablet or computer.

Get Analytics

Instantly understand what content is most valuable and who's using it.

See the latest content our community is curating and sharing.


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